Project Description
Some of you may have noticed that there is no built-in SplitButton control for WPF. Here you'll find my implementation.

EDIT: (7/10/2011) This project is very basic and should not be considered a long-term solution. I recommend only using this for demo applications or for research; although you may use it for any purpose you desire. In the future I plan to implement a professional quality splitbutton implementation, but please don't hold your breath as you will surely suffocate...


Here's some screenshots so you can see what the control looks like.

WpfSplitButton - Luna Normal Color.png WpfSplitButton - Luna Normal Color - Drop Down.png

Custom Style (with Luna.NormalColor)
WpfSplitButton - Custom Style.png WpfSplitButton - Custom Style - Drop Down.png


  • AlternationCount is not currently supported.
  • ItemTemplate is not currently supported.
  • ItemTemplateSelector is not currently supported.
  • The only way to remove the "Chrome" is to define a new ControlTemplate (just copy from the existing templates...)
  • The drop down does not stay open when you release the left mouse button; left-click drop down button then drag and release over the item to select it.
  • This control was designed to work with MenuItems only.
  • Handle the Click routed event on the SplitButton for notification when the SplitButtonHeader is clicked.
  • Handle the ItemSelected routed event on the SplitButton for notification when a MenuItem is selected.
  • AutoUpdateHeader dependency property will update the SplitButton's, SplitButtonHeader's, Content property automatically when set to True.

Comments, Questions, and Bugs

  • Please leave comments and/or questions in the Discussions area of the site.
  • Please report any bugs you find in the Issue Tracker, so they can be fixed.

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